Joker Jackpot Game Still on Offer at Ladbrokes Bingo.

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Bingo lovers are known for their sense of humour, after all, bingo is firstly a form of entertainment and only secondly is it played for the jackpots. Of course, the chance of winning a life changing amount of money helps but safe to say that the game is not a chore by any means and the jackpots are essentially just a bonus in what is already a well loved game. Well, with this novelty aspect in mind, Ladbrokes bingo have just launched a hybrid bingo game with a theme which will appeal to you fun loving bingo fanatics out there.

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Yes, Ladbrokes Bingo have launched their Joker Jackpot game which sees the world of bingo and traditional card games coming together to create a strangely entertaining mixture of a game. Cards from the traditional deck are called out in this game and, like bingo, it is essentially a game which requires you gamers to hold the correct cards as they are called. The game is very reasonably priced as tickets start at a very generous 25 pence each and can, as is standard at the Ladbrokes Bingo site, be pre-bought.

There are two prizes available on the Joker Jackpot game. Gamers can win on either the J Pattern or on a Full House so if your were concerned that the good old fashioned game of bingo was being a little diluted here, not to worry, this is still essentially a bingo game but with a cards-theme more than anything else. The game has already proved popular at the Ladbrokes Bingo site so don't miss out on the action.

For the full list of terms and conditions, well, you know where to go folks! After all, there is nothing wrong with branching out every once in a while.

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