Giggle Bingo Want You to Get Huggy.

Giggle Bingo

Some aspects of online gaming simply pass us by. No, this isn't an ignorance based problem because, in all honesty, the games are usually so very entertaining that we might find ourselves a little bit blinded to the folks that run the sites we frequent to very often.

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Yes, the world of online bingo is a very bright place, and yet many of the moderators who bring us these levels of pleasure remain in the virtual shadows a touch. Sure, many sites have tried to remedy this fact by offering up certain novelty deals, but none are as novelty, nor as entertaining than this classic promo over at the Giggle Bingo website.

I mean, in all honesty folks, have any of you ever wondered about the Chat Moderators who sit behind computer screens across the nation in order to ensure that you gamers get the most from your bingo experience? It must be a fairly lonely experience right? Well, at Giggle Bingo this month, they are encouraging you gamers to bring a little light into the lives of their attention starved moderators by hugging them when you get the chance and in doing do, not only will you undoubtedly bring a smile to their faces, you will be rewarded in kind! Every Monday, the chat moderators in the famed Giggle Bingo chat games will be picking their gamer of the week and whoever is chosen will be rewarded with £25 in bonuses!

Giggle Bingo have been gaining momentum recently and as such, 2010 has been a very pleasing year for them. So, even though you might be a little side-tracked by their fine array of games and prizes, spread the love at Giggle Bingo on a Monday and safe to say that you won’t regret it!

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