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Now, luck, as we all know, is a difficult concept. Sure, not all of you will even believe in it as an idea, which is fine. After all, it is a bit unlikely really isn't it that there is some actual ungoverned force, controlling your efforts online and helping other gamers win cash and not you right? After all, surely you gamers have as much chance as anyone else in terms of winning big right?

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Well, some of you will actually believe that Lay Luck, like the Easter Bunny or Santa is actually a genuine entity and one which should be respected, and I have no qualms with that either folks. After all, there are some gamers out there who do seem to be luckier than either you or I right?

Take the Game On Bingo site for example. Now here is an online gaming website which not only seems to believe in the whole idea of luck as a concept, but also offers up these particularly lucky gamers on a list so as you folks who have been out of luck for a while can see that it is still out there, somewhere.
There have of course been tons of lucky new gamers at Game On Bingo and 'mommamo' is but one of a large number of folks who are certainly happy they made the jump to the Game On Bingo site recently. So, why don't you give it a go?

After all, if beginners luck is something you actually believe in, it would appear that this is one site which is boasting an awful lot of it this month, and hopefully next month to boot.

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