The Latest Big Winners at Bingo Café.

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Being a writer here at the site is a wonderful job folks, I honestly cannot fault it in the slightest. I mean, what could be better than reporting on the world of online bingo? It brings us all great pleasure being able to point you gamers in the right direction, it really does.

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Now, before I start sounding like I'm preparing an Oscar speech, let me get on to the task in hand. See, not only do we have the pleasure of providing you with up to date news on promotions and games and new sites and the like, we also get the chance to report on big wins when they happen which, as we all know, is rather often! The latest site to announce last week's big winners is the super popular Bingo Café site, a site which is threatening to become one of the best loved on the web which is easily understandable when you see just how much cash they are prepared to shell out to you gamers.
If you are looking for proof that this is a site on the up, just ask gamers like the incredibly lucky 'Gill B' because last week, our Gillian won herself over £131,700 on their progressive games! I know, it's a truly staggering amount of cash now isn't it folks? Safe to say that few sites can boast jackpots to rival this one, so if you're looking for the big money events, this is one website you might need to visit at some point.
Other winners last week, though clearly rather over-shadowed by the massive victory which Gill B has enjoyed were also pretty impressive. The gamer who uses the alias 'CASH26' won over £10,000 which is a fantastic amount of cash and there were other very happy gamers whose lives have been changed for the better over at Bingo Café last week. Now, this week is totally up for grabs!

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