This Week Sees Big Side Game Wins at Moon Bingo

Moon Bingo

Though the arrival of a new month tends to mean tons and tons of brand new promotions for us to report on and you gamers to enjoy at your leisure, there are also big wins happening across the gamin community every couple of minutes!

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Sure, just because there will soon be brand new items to report on, this doesn't mean that these wins do not deserve to be reported on. After all, we are playing, well most of us at least, with a big win in mind which is why it is always good to be able to read about a fantastic victory or two when you get a chance, After all, positive mental attitude is supposedly key to achieving that big cash pay-out and what is more likely to make you gamers feel more positive than a big money win?
See, not only are Moon Bingo famed for their big money bingo games, they also know their way around a side event to boot which is why you bingo lovers will no doubt have experienced one of the multiple little extras which are on offer over at Moon. If not, you should, because there are big cash prizes up for grabs in these events, just ask the gamer 'shammysp' because she has claimed over £12,000 on these side games this week alone! Amazing stuff!
Of course, she is far from alone as far as big cash wins go, but if you are looking to increase your own cash flow at the minute, you too could do much worse than pop on over to the Moon Bingo site. After all folks, a big win is a big win and, as I'm sure Shammysp is currently aware, there is no shame in winning on a side game! Far from it!

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