Mystic Meg Still a Resident Over at Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo

It's funny how some things just become a part of history, however naff or below par they might seem at the time. Clearly, there are phases which we, the Great British public seem to go through and a few years ago, the whole nation was obsessed with the world of superstition.

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From the likes of Ghost hunting shows such as, Most Haunted, which came complete with the hilarious scouse 'medium' Derek Acorah, to the notion of astrology, a source of information which made the likes of Russell Grant famous for about a millisecond. Will, there are of course going to be some refuges once any crazy dies down a bit and although we are still yet to see a Russell Grant or Derek Acorah based bingo site (I would definitely play at the latter), there is one throwback to the days of increased mysticism who has made their presence felt at the Sun Bingo. Yes, Mystic Meg is back!

Now, this is actually better news than it might sound, after all, I would imagine that few of you gamers would have thought about this novelty mystic very often in the last decade or so, but she has popped up over at Sun Bingo and even has her own side game, and it's a cracker to boot!

To find out more about this fine new game over at Sun Bingo, why not give the site a visit when you next get a chance? After all, should you be interested in all things mystic, maybe she can give you the kind of reading which will make you a very rich person indeed! Either way, the fun is certainly palpable in this side game and as such, it’s worth your time folks!

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