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Mecca Bingo

When you see a daily game advertised online, it tends to mean that the site which hosts it is rather proud of what they are offering. After all, you wouldn't want to advertise a game which boasted a daily pot of nothing now would you?

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Sure, some of these daily games offer the kind of pots which we gamers might have become accustomed to in recent times as it’s probably not an overstatement to say that we have become a little spoiled by the kind of offers which most sites put out there for our delectation. Sure, a hundred pound pot every day is no mean feat for any site but some of the providers out there have taken this idea of a daily game to whole new level, the words Mecca and Bingo spring to mind.
Yes, the days, daily pots can even be as big as £500 each which is fine amount of cash, especially for a daily game, but over at Mecca they have taken things to the next level and why do things by half's? That's right folks, there is now a grand a day at stake over at the Mecca Bingo website! Mind blowing stuff!

These daily games are without a doubt some of the best on the whole of the internet and can be enjoyed by all Mecca Bingo gamers, assuming of course that you are indeed a member. If you are not currently singed up over at the Mecca Bingo website, you might want to remedy this issue when you get a chance because with £1,000 up for grabs every single day, you'd be missing out massively if you didn't! Full terms and conditions re these games can be found at the Mecca Bingo site.

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