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p://">Think Bingo is a name you will no doubt be familiar with already right? Still, that doesn't mean that you will know everything about the site. No, I am not having a go, honest, it's just that bingo sites evolve so quickly these days that if you haven't been a visitor to this fine bingo site in the past few days, then you will already be out of the loop when it comes to their list of super promotions and games. Yes, Think Bingo is, like all good online bingo sites already creating new games for next month and they are looking pretty impressive, take my word for it.
Now, most of you will certainly be aware of the whole one to go or '1tg' concept right? Well, if you aren't, let me explain. Essentially these games give you a heads up when the climax is coming up meaning that you not only get a chance to win, you will also see an increased pot when the time is right. Now, these games have proved to be very popular in recent times which is why it comes as little surprise to me and many of you I'm sure that the folks behind the scenes at Think Bingo have just added new games to their already impressive roster.
There are special rewards on offer in these new games but at the minute, the folks behind the scenes are keeping their cards well and truly close to their chests, but as soon as we find out any further information about these games, we'll let you gamers know. In the meantime, why not pop along to the Think Bingo site and check out the latest promos? There are many things to be getting excited about at this site folks, believe me.

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