Don't Forget the Deal or No Deal Bingo Games at William Hill Bingo

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I know what you're thinking, Deal or No Deal Bingo, what else is new right? Well, you might be right. Last year saw the ever popular cosmos bothering daytime TV show become a real hit amongst bingo providers and gamers alike with Edmonds themed games popping up all over the shop; slots games here, scratchcards there, yes 2009 was certainly a good year for the Deal or No Deal franchise, particularly impressive when you consider that the game itself requires no skill whatsoever! Well, it doesn't look like the love affair between online bingo and the channel four show is ending any time soon as over at William Hill Bingo, Deal or No Deal Bingo is as popular as ever.

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The Deal or No Deal themed game over at William Hill Bingo boasts a progressive jackpot that starts, yes starts at £10,000. This amount will increase at midnight every single day until the jackpot is finally won by one lucky gamer and of course, the longer it goes on, the greater this life changing some of money will get. The increase in the jackpot depends on how many tickets were purchased for the game that day thus, the more tickets purchased by gamers across the board at William Hill Bingo, the higher this fantastic jackpot will get, the sky is the limit!

You need to remember however that you will need a ticket to be able to enter this highly anticipated game and unfortunately, if you have won free tickets at William Hill Bingo this month, they are not eligible for this particular game so will need to fork out once more. But safe to say with a jackpot as impressive as this one, even at the introductory level of £10,000, tickets will be money well spent.

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