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Foxy Bingo

Sometimes routine can be a downright boring construct. The word itself, 'routine' suggests a daily sludge to work and back; a repetitive action which can cause chafing and the like. Well, sometimes routine can be a truly awesome idea, especially at online bingo sites. Safe to say that fantastic promotions won't get dull simply because it plays every week. Instead, this is just good planning by the site in question, this time those purveyors of frisky fun, Foxy Bingo.

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Every Tuesday and Thursday over at Foxy Bingo, there is a fine tombola game which boasts a fabulous main prize of £500 and I am sure you gamers will agree that simply because they are regular does not make them in any way dull! The tickets for this £500 prize are completely free of charge and the games also free.

This essentially means that twice a week for an hour, Foxy Bingo gives away £500 plus thousands of Bingo Point for nothing and all you need to do in order to get involved in the action is become a member at the popular bingo site, log on, claim your free Tombola ticket and cross those fingers. The gamer “Joansid55” won £500 last Thursday and safe to say she considered that the zero pounds and no pence which her ticket cost her to be money very well not spent.

So, if free competitions are your thing and I am yet to meet a bingo lover who doesn't enjoy the thrill of free games, then you might well enjoy this weekly event over at the Foxy Bingo website!

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