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From the instant Hot Chocolate to the packs of three minute noodles, the food world is not exactly filled with top notch instant options and in truth, the word 'instant' has only cheap and negative connotations. Sure, they'll do the job and probably fill you up but they are nowhere near as good as the real thing.

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For example, if you were to try a cup of real hot chocolate and a mug of the instant stuff in taste test, I would imagine that guessing which one was made with hot water would be pretty easy. Still, there is a point to this rambling. See, the word instant has much more positive connotations when linked to the online bingo universe.

There are of course some very impressive instant games on offer on the web these days, and at Costa Bingo there are many of the things, all primed for that big payout! However, if you play enough, you might well win a fine prize for simply taking part! Costa Bingo are certainly in the business of making you gamers happy and this latest addition to their promotional page is looking very pleasing. The winner of the weekly instants battle claims a fine £50. Small, but perfectly formed.

So, if you are a fan of all things instant (and bingo related that is), pop on over to the Costa Bingo site today where you will find all the details on their fine instant game prize draw. After all, being rewarded for just taking part can never be a bad thing.

All the information you might need is available at the Costa site right now!

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