Thursdays are Still as Thrilling as Ever at Think Bingo.

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Sure, here at, we like to give you gamers a bit of a heads up! After all, it's all well and good being made aware of a bingo event, only to have it take place an hour or so later when you've already got plans! So, with this in mind, we do like to let you bingo lovers know about particular events well in advance, so as you can plan your lives accordingly.

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Well, as we all know, Thursdays are decent enough days what with the weekend being just around the corner and with the bulk of the working week behind you, well, it's all looking good so what better way to celebrate when you return from work on a Thursday evening than by tucking into some tasty bingo action, especially at Think Bingo, a site which is pulling out all the stops on a Thursday night!

Yes, Thursday nights at Think Bingo could well see you gamers become much better off than you might have expected with their new, very enticing £1,000 Thursday night games. What makes this fine game even better is that the tickets (which can indeed be pre-bought) are super cheap at only 25 pence each, not bad at all when you think about the amount of money you stand to make should you be the lucky gamer.

Of course there are plenty of other impressive promotions taking place at Think Bingo this week and if you just cannot wait until next Thursday for some top drawer gaming action, well why not check out their numerous other promotions which might just win you digital camcorders, new TV's and all sorts of top prizes.

So, remember folks, next Thursday is a night to play at Think Bingo, so head on over today!

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