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When you first join a new bingo site, you will most likely want to check that you are becoming a member of a site which pays out decent pots to it's loyal gamers now won't you?

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After all, though I do often say that as far as we gamers are concerned, it is entertainment which comes first, the need to play for a big pot every once in a while certainly makes a difference as to which sites you have a tendency to want to frequent. Well, one site which not only pays out very pleasing amounts of cash for it's bingo games, but also throws around massively impressive instant game pots to boot is the ever pleasing Sun Bingo site, and we have the wins to prove it too!

For starters, there are many lucky gamers out there who last week won a more than substantial amount of money over at the Sun Bingo website. One of these lucky gamers plays under the alias of 'TammysDad' and, this lucky father claimed a fine £1,000 prize thanks to not only his devotion to the cause, but also the fine work of the behind the scenes team at Sun Bingo.

He wasn't alone of course as many gamers claimed similar prizes, but the biggest win of the week was a wonderful £3,652 win which was claimed by 'allythebaba'. Now, though I personally can only imagine how great this win would have been received, we can all wish to win similar amounts online and by playing a Sun Bingo, it looks like your chances are greatly improved.

To see the full winners list, why not nip on over to the Sun Bingo site today!

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