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Yes, it's time to swallow that pride of yours and do your best not to implode with jealousy because we have another list of winners for you, this time from the ever popular Tombola Bingo site. See, although we are only beginning a new week, there have already been some unbelievable winners made over at this top notch bingo site, and who knows, next week it might well be your name which adorns these pages at! It might sound cheesy, but it's true! So, let’s waste no more time shall we, and get right to it by checking out the latest big money winners at this particular site.

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For starters, the gamer who plays under the alias of 'black pearl' and stems from the Midlands city of Birmingham has already won £500 at the site this week and is very happy to have done so, as you might imagine. “I could not believe it when my chips came out” he gushed on his very pleasing win. Well, we are all very happy for you Mr Black Pearl Still, he was far from the biggest winner at this site, even this week! See, the gamer who plays under the alias of 'kilkennylass' has won over £2,000 at this site already this week, and it's only Monday for crying out loud! Top work!

So, just to remind you that these here articles are only meant to give you hope, not enrage you, take a deep breath and consider that this means that there is a site out there which is certainly paying out large amounts of cash of a daily basis. Not bad Right? It's almost enough to give us all hope!
To sample some big money games this week, pop on over to Tombola Bingo today!

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