Sun Bingo Money Tree Game Still a Hit a Month on.

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One of the latest additions to the Sun Bingo site is called Money Tree, so what exactly can you gamers expect when you log on to give this brand new game a bash? Well, the Money Tree has a rather impressive pot system in place and one which will certainly see you coming back for more as a single line can win you gamers a very impressive £1,000! As you might imagine, two lines will win you twice this amount and if you are lucky enough to call the full house, £10,000 could be yours.

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Of course, keeping things fresh is integral for bingo sites in this day and age. Though I have certainly already made this point however many times, it is important to realise, for anyone reading these articles who actually works at a bingo site, that if you want to keep us gamers interested, then you'll need to give us reasons to come back time after time.

Well, Sun Bingo are clearly up on this already and as such are often happy to introduce brand new games into the mix, as well as maintaining some classics. The Money Tree game might no longer be a 'new' promotion, but it is still keeping gamers entertained and as such, warrants coverage here at, if nothing else just to serve as a reminder to you bingo lovers out there who might have forgotten about it.

Safe to say that in order to sample this fine promotion, you will first need to become a registered member of the Sun Bingo site. This is a deal in itself however and any gamer who fancies playing fine games such as this will be very happy they made the leap and became a member.

All the details on this brand new promotion can be found over at Sun Bingo today!

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