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Yes, it is our job, amongst other responsibilities to make sure you gamers know all the best deals on the net at the moment, which is why you should probably be aware of the current welcome scheme over at the Costa Bingo site as it is a bit of a gem. See, not only are you gamers now entitled to a massive 250% deposit bonus when you sign up, you can now also pick up a fantastic 65% reload bonus scheme for your subsequent deposits!

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As you gamers might expect from a genre which boasts so much choice, welcome schemes are an integral part of the online bingo universe. Yes, in order to convince you gamers to try their own sites, people in the driving seats behind certain sites are certainly fully aware that you gamers need to be enticed with special deals and offers from the moment you sign on the virtual dotted line to the last card you decide to play at their site.

This is obviously great news for you gamers as it means you, and I do mean you, are in high demand, therefore you can probably call the shots. It’s nice being in control isn't it? Well, the only issue you might have is making sure that you choose the best deal on the web and, seeing as there are so many bingo sites out there, it can be hard ensuring that you've seen enough offers to make a sensible and informed choice. This is where we come in to play here at

This fine move comes in the wake of many a casino sit offering similar deals and I for one am more than happy to see this system being introduced to Bingo sites. It's definitely about time!

So, for more details on this particular deal, pop on over to Costa Bingo today!

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