Friday Night Games at Cheeky Bingo.

Cheeky Bingo

We have already brought you news of many a fantastic online bingo tournament which is taking place on a Friday night, but over at Cheeky Bingo, they too are offering a game which could rival anything that the likes of Mecca or Wink Bingo could throw our way.

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Yes, if Wink Bingo can offer you a £5,000 game then so can Cheeky Bingo. Really, the only question is which purveyor of tongue-in-cheek bingo fun is your favourite because other than that, there are likely to be few deciding factors indeed.

One of the hardest things about being an online bingo fanatic is this: choice. Of course, we are not complaining about a lack of choice in terms, not at all. In fact the issue is quite the opposite, perhaps there is too much choice out there!

Clearly it is a wonderful aspect of the online bingo experience that you gamers can find yourselves torn as to where you should be playing your favourite games from night to night and this article certainly won’t help make this any less confusing I'm afraid. See, Friday nights are something of a good night in the online bingo world. Of course, every night is a good night where bingo is concerned but on a Friday, well, things often seem get a little exciting.

Do not fear however because if you just cannot choose between these fine Friday night games then I have good news for you. The Cheeky Bingo game kicks off at eight which means that, assuming it doesn't run over, you'll have time to then pop over to Wink for their big Friday night game at ten.

Tickets for this big game at Cheeky are available in pre-buy so why delay? Head on over today!

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