Bingo Café; A New Twist on Sign-Up Bonuses.

Bingo Cafe

Every site which exists out there on the world wide web offers something in the way of a special introductory welcome gift for new gamers who decide to give their website a go. Of course this is a very pleasing aspect of the online bingo world but every once in a while, it's refreshing to discover something a little different as most websites offer the same welcoming promotions, just a little disguised.

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With this in mind, Bingo Café UK are offering a new twist on sign up bonuses. In addition to a generous £10 no deposit sign up bonus this online gaming website also entitles you gamers to 200 free slot spins! A nice new twist I'm sure you'll agree.  

Once playing commences with this bonus money an additional £5 bonus is offered as an incentive to register a payment card so the bonuses just keep coming at Bingo Café. Players new to this online gaming site will benefit from a 100% deposit match on the first three purchases, but established players are being offered various weekend Deposit Bonus Specials at the minute, which will guarantee than gamers are not penalised simply for already being a fully a fledged member.

Bingo Café UK might not yet be one of the big names on the online gaming scene but with forward thinking like this, it might not be long before that changes. After all, it is innovation which keeps a gaming website above its competitors, of which there are tons!

So, if you fancy being welcomed in a slightly different way pop on over to Bingo Café today!

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