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Aside from a whole host of top of the range games and promotions, you can also expect to play some seriously impressive side games and the like at the Ladbrokes Bingo website, but it is their own particular progressive game which shows just how impressive the Ladbrokes Bingo site really is.

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Called the Clover-Rollover (you may have heard of it), this game is a real gem and currently offers a pot of very substantial proportions, and it can only keep rising until it is won! Now, this was true as of the time of writing folks, but even if this magnificent pot has been won in the time between writing and publishing, knowing that it can reach such highs has to be inspirational news in itself.

There are many good things about progressive jackpot games. Of course, the main draw has to be the whole massive amount of cash vibe no? Well, these days, games of this nature are available at every half decent bingo site on the web, and some very good ones too.

Well, if you want to discover just how high the limit is for yourselves, get on over to the Ladbrokes Bingo site today!

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