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Most bingo sites offer their own daily specials but the ones at Chit Chat Bingo are perhaps top of the class at the minute thanks mainly to the money on offer. There is a cool grand to be won almost every single day over at the Chit Chat Bingo website and as I'm sure you gamers will all agree, a thousand quid is no mean amount of money. For some reason however, Thursdays are exempt from this fine promotion but that still gives you six days out of seven to try and claim the big money prize.

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The word 'special' is certainly thrown around a lot when talking about the online bingo phenomenon. We too are guilty of it, but that's only because so many aspects of so many different bingo websites are just that, special.

Well, in terms of daily specials, some sites are perhaps better than others and one such bingo website whose daily special games are certainly worth shouting about is Chit Chat Bingo. See, the folks behind the scenes at this popular online gaming website have clearly been thinking long and hard about what aspects of their product could be tweaked in order to set them apart from the pack and they've hit the nail right on the head.

These games play from 9pm until 10pm every night so there is no need to worry should you be busy during the day.

So, what are you waiting for? Pop on over to Chit Chat Bingo today, you might well end up a grand better off today!

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