Saturday Night Equals Party Time at Cheeky Bingo Every Week.

Cheeky Bingo

If you have ever played online at any site, never mind Cheeky Bingo, then you'll know that the phrase 'online party' is very much packed with positive connotations. In this age of technological advances, these online parties are far from virtual thanks to the fine chat functions and entertaining game play and if you are on the lookout for one such party, then you should probably pop on over to Cheeky Bingo this Saturday night because there promises to be a cracker!

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Taking part in two rooms (both the 'Naughty but Nice' room as well as the ever popular 'Minx' room), this Saturday night extravaganza should be a real gem of an event and as it takes place on a weekly basis, the fun can go on and on and on over at Cheeky Bingo. Bear in mind too that thanks to the folks behind the scenes at Cheeky Bingo, it's not just entertainment that is on offer, gamers can also win a fine array of bonus points which can then be exchanged for bingo money later on, as is a standard aspect of any top notch bingo website.

This special weekly bingo event kicks off every week at 10pm on a Saturday night so if you are in the party mood but don't fancy dealing with bouncers, taxi queues and extortionate drink prices come, you could certainly do much worse than popping over to Cheeky Bingo and taking part in a bingo based party of epic dimensions!

For a full prize list, pop on over to Cheeky Bingo today where you can also read up on the current list of welcome deals!

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