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It always brings a smile to face to able to give a deserving website some space on these here pages at After all, it is our job to bring you only the best news from across the web so when a site makes more than one appearance here in a short space of time, it can be a very positive thing indeed. After all folks, who can argue with the facts?

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Firstly, the Bingo Joy site introduces a quality series of Thursday night games which could either see you very rich all of a sudden or whisked away on a fine holiday, then they introduce a new array of side games for you bingo lovers to sink your teeth into. All in all, a very good show from a site which is by no means a small player on the market at the minute.

Yes, these new side games are very much worth reporting on folks as, well, all side games seem to be something of a hit and as they have advertised this new addition on their site, now you can win big on the slots, but in a fresh style. See, as much as we do love our side games, they can get a bit repetitive and as such, all the best sites out there will make sure that they are keeping their games fresh, as best they can at least else we are likely to get a little bored!

The themes of these new games are also likely to get you gamers in a bit of a lather! Yes, all your favourite TV shows are here, from the ridiculous and hardly conceivable 'Hole in the Wall' to the equally daft X-Factor, there are games which will please everyone now over at the Bingo Joy site. So, don't take my word for it, give these games a go for yourselves. After all, you gamers are the real critics out there and as such, it is you who needs to be impressed.

Head over to Bingo Joy today to check out their brand new side games!

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