Weekly Progressive Pots Every Friday Night at Cheeky Bingo.

Cheeky Bingo

If you happen to play over at Cheeky Bingo on a Friday night from 8pm sharp, you will be able to take part in two of the best respected progressive games which are played on the world wide web at the moment.

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Yes, you gamers can now get involved in some very cheeky, and hopefully very worthwhile bingo action on Friday nights over at what is fast being considered one of the best sites on the net. Cheeky Bingo, as their name suggests are a rather fun bunch which means that at the very least, you will find yourselves massively entertained on a Friday night, even if the big money isn't won.

By now there are some terms which we are all rather familiar with right? After all, this is not the first article to deal with progressive jackpots to be published here at gamingsupermarket.com in recent times as the whole concept is pretty popular. Still, some people out there will still be a little unsure, so here are some basics.

See, a progressive jackpot is essentially a wonderful way for you gamers to claim a huge slice of bingo action and hopefully get your paws on a huge amount of cash to boot. Progressive games are, in a nutshell, bingo games which boast a pot which will continue to grow until it is won! These games tend to be the ones which turn people into much richer people in a single hour of gaming, and as such are plainly not to be missed at any cost!

So, for the full terms and conditions on these big money Friday games, pop on over to Cheeky Bingo today because tickets can also be pre-bought for the big event itself!

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