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The team behind the scenes over at Betfred Bingo have, apparently, thought long and hard about what could best change your frowns to smiles midweek, what with the weekend so far away still. The answer was pretty obvious as it turns out; yes, as usual bingo is the key to happiness and if you happen to play at Betfred on a Wednesday or Thursday night you are more likely to develop a grin than you might think.

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If you happen to play on Wednesday, the crazy promotion you might well find yourselves involved with is the team battle which sees gamers placed into teams by the CM's, who will then battle the Team Betfred in a bingo showdown. Points can be won in these games and they really are a hell of a lot of fun.

It is well documented that midweek can occasionally be a frustrating time. Time itself has a tendency to slow down to almost a standstill as the weekend is still a few days away and the office is guaranteed to be your home until Friday afternoon finally appears.

This is indeed a relatively ordinary development so do not worry, if you are currently suffering from the any of the following symptoms; a permanent frown, fatigue, shortness of temper and the inability to rid your minds of thoughts of the weekend, helps is at hand in the form of some midweek madness over at Betfred Bingo.

Thursday night is Karaoke night at Betfred Bingo which is not only good, random fun but could also see you gamers claim a few bonuses whilst you join in the action.

If you simply cannot wait for the weekend, then pop on over to Betfred to check out their midweek games!

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