Lucky Gamers at 32 Red Bingo.

32red Bingo

32 Red Bingo, though perhaps often overshadowed by its casino based namesake, has been creating big money winners for some time now and the last seven days have been pretty typical in terms of how many gamers have claimed the kind of prize money that we here at would consider 'big'.

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Of course, as is standard with all top notch bingo providers, not only are 32 Red Bingo in the business of making these wonderful tales, they also provide a very attractive leaders board which allows potential gamers to witness firsthand the kind of jackpots which are being snapped up every single week at this site.

For starters, last week saw the gamer 'morten t' win over £2,500 on one of the many side games which are on offer at this popular bingo website. However, this was far from the only big money jackpot which was scooped up by a lucky bingo fanatic, the gamer who plays under the alias of 'Attie P' won over $4,700 which, although there is the obvious exchange rate to consider, is perhaps the biggest win of the last week to land over at 32 Red Bingo.

Of course, now that September is upon us, we will no doubt be offered up a great deal of brand new promotional activity from all top sites, not just 32 Red Bingo, which will in turn mean many more big money wins for me to report on and as such, keep watching this space for even more tales of luck and happiness from across the online bingo community. Assuming you are happy with the amount that these two lucky gamers have claimed over the last seven days, you may well fancy popping over to 32 Red this week too, just to see what deals are on offer at the minute.

Head on over to 32 Red Bingo this month for your chance to win it big!

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