Minxy Bingo Side Games a Big Hit.

Minxy Bingo

Sometimes a bingo site can find itself missing from these here pages at gamingsupermarket.com for a little while and it often is down to the fact that there is little in the way of news emanating from the site in question. Now, this has nothing to do with us here at gamingsupermarket.com folks, and it's often a crying shame when a site spends a great deal of time away from these pages because it tends to mean that they are often falling a little bit behind the chasing pack a touch.

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Now, you gamers out there will most likely have heard of the site in question today, Minxy Bingo? No? Well you should have done because even though this site has been missing from these pages for quite some time, there are plenty of things to get excited about at this site at the moment, and as soon as we saw that the goods were improving and found anything to be newsworthy, we were straight on it because even though this a bingo site which has been a little quiet of late, it really is one you need to check out at some point.

Yes, at last there is something that we can report on from the Minxy Bingo site and this week folks, it takes the format of new side games. These days, the side games at sites are often the main draw in all honesty (thereby rendering them not really side games if you think about it, still, moving on) which is why these new games over at Minxy Bingo are causing such a stir. They really are top drawer.

So, if you're looking to play new slots with interesting themes such as the wild west or more of a historic Egyptian vibe, you should really pop on over to Minxy Bingo today!

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