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If you, like millions across the land could do with cheering up during the working week, at Betfred Bingo, from Monday to Friday there are promotions galore to keep your chin up, especially if you happen to be a fan of all things bingo based. There are deals galore on offer at Betfred Bingo all week long so here are just a few of their top notch offers condensed into article format.

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To begin with there are the 'Betfred Daily Doubles' which run, as the name suggests, daily. These popular bingo games which run for an hour each see the generous types at Betfred matching your win with bonus pounds which can be saved up and used to play more games at their site. To be eligible for this double win, you must reach the full house, have been playing for the full hour and send a simple 'TY' (that's thank you in chat speak apparently) to the presiding moderator and twice the winnings will be yours!

The hour in question changes from week to week mind so to make sure you don't miss out, pop over to Betfred Bingo and check to see what this week’s designated 'Daily Double' hour is.

Betfred Bingo are also offering their famous Buy One Get One Free games all week. Games start with 'Fred's BOGOF' at 8pm each day and run until the 'Crown Jewel' game at 10pm, giving you gamers many chances to get your daily dose of online bingo fun.

So, should the working week seem way too long to you, at Betfred Bingo, every day is a new adventure. Who says you have to save the fun until the weekend?

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