A Reminder that You Can Now Pre-Buy Tickets at Mirror Bingo.

Mirror Bingo

The popular Mirror Bingo has caught up with the times this month as they have introduced a pre-buy facility for their games. About time too you might think! Not all games have tickets that can be pre purchased however, but here a few that they have on offer in a kind of list format. Monday at Mirror Bingo sees a £500 jackpot for 50p a ticket, on a Tuesday through to Thursday they offer £1,000 jackpot games that will cost you £1 per entry ticket.

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Friday is the night you really don’t want to miss. Mirror Bingo is super generous on a Friday £2,500 jackpot that will cost you £1 per ticket. Saturday drops down to £500 with the catch of having to purchase a minimum of 4 tickets at 25p each.  And lastly is Sunday, the jackpot is £250 with tickets costing only 10p.

In the world of online bingo there is nothing like being up to date with all the latest promotions whether you are a fellow gamer on the lookout for value or whether you are a provider, checking out the competition, it's import to stay on top of what's happening and at Mirror Bingo, that is certainly the case at the moment.

There are also many other fine aspects of online bingo flavoured goodness on offer at the Mirror Bingo site this week, as the build up to next month hots up, the games and promotions are doing the same and, fingers crossed at least, come September there will be a whole new host of games on offer for us to report on. We will, of course, keep you all posted.

Head over to the Mirror Bingo site today to prebuy your tickets for their fantastic games!

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