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Minxy Bingo

Minxy Bingo, though perhaps not one of the bigger names on the online bingo scene these days is certainly a site which warrants investigation, and this is in no small part thanks to the very impressive selection of promotions which are on offer at the site. To begin with, there is the truly top drawer 'Groovy Ruby Jackpot' game which boasts a hefty prize of £1,500 which is yours if you can call house in 38 balls or less; not a bad sum of money I'm sure you'll agree.

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Next up is the intuitively titled 'The Big One' which is a progressive game for which tickets are available for as little as 50 pence. As with most progressive jackpots, the actual prize money on offer will vary depending on the number of gamers taking part but safe to assume that at somewhere in the thousands, it will definitely be worth winning, especially as tickets are so cheap.

Minxy Bingo are not only throwing promotions around left right and centre this month, they are also in possession of what is a very attractive and playable system and all your usual favourites can be found at their site, from chat games to slots. But don't take our word for it, get yourself over to Minxy Bingo this month and see for yourself just what they have to offer.

Of course, in order to take part in these games, as well as the others which are also on offer over at the site, you will first need to become a registered member and, just in case you were concerned about the prospect of committing yourselves to the site, do not fear, there are many good reasons to sign on the virtual dotted line, including the above mentioned games.

Check out the latest promotions over at Minxy Bingo today!

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