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In the ever companionable galaxy of online gaming, chat based bingo games are the most popular format for the game.

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See, you gamers just cannot get enough chatter it would seem and, though it is certainly a close call, Chat Games are still on the whole more popular than free bingo at the moment! After all, what could be better than getting all sociable with your bingo buddies without even having to move? Perfect right? Well at the aptly named Party Bingo this month, chat games are certainly all the rage.

Party Bingo have an incredibly wide selection of games and, although the prizes for playing in these chat based games do vary, your favourite chat host will be able to give you all the details so all you have to do is ask. The selection of chat games over at Party Bingo are of particular note, hence this article, but perhaps the best game at the popular online gaming site at the minute is the appropriately named 'Armchairs' game.

There is nothing quite like participating in your favourite game from the comfort of your own home and even your favourite gaming chair. Even if you don't have a particular chair in which you have to sit to play your bingo, there are virtual ones available in this game which plays in the Jade Garden room of the Party Bingo site. Let your chat host know which chair you are sitting in and at the end of the game if the winning bingo number is the same as the number of your chair, just call “HERE”. The first correct player wins 10 free bingo cards!

This is a classic example of how easy playing chat games at Party Bingo actually is. New members soon get the hang of joining in the fun, because who can pass up on so many free bingo tickets?
Essentially, the fun never needs to end over at Party Bingo and, if chat games especially are something you enjoy, their site is certainly worth investigating at the minute!

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