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Like Free Bingo before it, the cash back game is becoming something of a big hit across the online bingo community and it makes perfect sense when you consider what it offers gamers in terms of value.

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See, the cash back game, be it a classic bingo or slot game offers you gamers who are a little down on your luck the chance to claim a bit of your capital back and return a bit of not only dignity but some of that hard earned cash of yours back to its rightful owner. As was the same when free bingo started to take off a year or so ago, first the big players in the bingo world introduced it and then the smaller providers saw an opportunity. Well, Foxy Bingo might be a little behind schedule, but they too are now offering cash back on some of their fine games.

The promotion which is causing the biggest stir at the Foxy Bingo site at the minute in terms of cash back options is their Bejewelled Slots game cash back scheme. The selection of side games at Foxy Bingo is often considered to be the best on the net and now, thanks to some forward thinking on their part, Foxy Bingo have made them even better. 15% cash back is now available on this top class slots game which should help ease the burn if you find yourself consistently without luck this week.

Foxy Bingo are certainly having a very busy 2010 and the year is not over yet, though September is rolling around very quickly, so you can still expect to see an awful lot more Foxy related stories on these pages in the coming weeks. Being top of your game means constantly having to innovate and that is certainly the case at Foxy Bingo right now.

Head over to Foxy Bingo today to get cashback on your favourite bingo games!

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