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There are few things as pleasing to the eyes and ears of a bingo fanatic than the news of a big bingo win. Of course there will be some folks however for whom the news of another gamers success might not be so pleasing; jealousy is something we all have a little of, but if nothing else, news of another person’s bingo victory just goes to show that wins happen almost constantly in the online bingo world and that can only bring hope to us all!

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So, if you are a particularly jealous person, then you might want to stop reading right now because at Giggle Bingo this month, there have already been some rather impressive wins.

The first of the big winners over at Giggle Bingo this month to have their good luck splashed on the home page of the popular bingo provider is 'graham14' who walked away from the Snickers room at Giggle Bingo with an impressive £1,500, not bad for an afternoons bingo right?

As you might imagine, our Graham was rather chuffed with this win; “Just to say, I am so surprised to win a jackpot at Giggle Bingo. I have played to many sites and have never won anything before!” said Graham with, we would imagine, a big smile on his face. He went on to add that, “I would recommend Giggle Bingo to anyone who loves the game.”

Of course, big wins happen every minute at Giggle Bingo and some of the prizes on offer are certainly worth getting involved for. The site is certainly growing in popularity at the minute and I wouldn't be surprised if you saw many more tales of successes at Giggle Bingo appear on these pages in the near future.

Head over to Giggle Bingo today and see if you can be a big bingo winner too!

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