Carnival Week at Dream Bingo.

Dream Bingo

Dream Bingo are again pulling out all the stops this week in order to make your bingo experiences more entertaining, as well as better value for money. From today onwards is Carnival Week over at this popular online bingo site, which is very good news for anyone who happens to love both a bargain and a big money game or two.

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This special week’s worth of promotions is designed to coincide with the Notting Hill Carnival which actually runs next week, from the 29th of August. In a bid to get you all in spirit of this well respected and highly anticipated event, Dream Bingo have some very exciting offers on the table.

For starters, there is a brand new game which takes place over in the 90 ball Bingo room over at Dream and, quite fittingly, this new event is titled 'The Carnival Game'. Simple, yes, but very nicely formed. See, this game boasts a whole host of bonus points which, as any gamer knows, are very much worth claiming as they can lead to large bonuses later on, including tickets and prizes in their own right.

In addition to this brand new game, the 75-ball bingo room features it's own brand new carnival themed event. Bingo on the P-A-R-T-Y pattern in this room and you could well win yourselves some very impressive prizes indeed, all of which will no doubt help get you into the carnival spirit.

So, even if you are unlikely to visit our capital this month for a taste of carnival action, you can get involved over at Dream Bingo this week and enjoy the thrills and spills in your own front room.

Head over to Dream Bingo today and take part in their bingo carnival extravaganza to win loads of points and cash prizes!

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