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The latest promotion from the Chit Chat Bingo site to make our bingo radar start twitching is their super impressive loyalty scheme. Now, you might well be thinking something along the lines of been there done that right?

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Well, sure, most bingo sites offer a loyalty programme, but few are likely to be able to rival this offer from the Chit Chat Bingo team and as such, you should probably read on. Sure, the basic premise is the same as that at many different online bingo sites but the sheer amount of points that you gamers can claim at this site is much greater than you might have expected.

You can also claim points in numerous different ways too. For starters, you gamers can claim yourselves huge amounts of loyalty points just from buying tickets, and we do mean tons of different games too as there are plenty on offer at this site. To find out more about these points and how you can pick them up, pop along to the Chit Chat Bingo site today.

Whilst you are there, you may well wish to check out many of the other offers which are currently on the table over at Chit Chat Bingo. After all, in a week or so, a new month will be upon us which of course means that many new games and offers will be placed on the table. This doesn't necessarily mean that the current list will be pushed out, but to ensure you do not miss out on a fine August promo or two, give Chit Chat Bingo a visit this week and see what is on offer.

Head over to Chit Chat Bingo to find out about their fab bingo games and loyalty scheme today!

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