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Refer a Friend schemes are nothing new, not by a long shot, but that doesn't mean that they are not worth taking advantage of, particularly if you happen to play at a site which you genuinely consider to be worth sharing with your fellow gamers.

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One such site which is certainly worth shouting about at the moment is Betfred Bingo who are, as has become standard for online bingo providers who also offer a range of other gambling options, ever climbing the rankings and consistently offering top of the range online bingo games and promotions.

If you are lucky enough to already be a member at this fine site, then you have the power to spread the word and share the online entertainment right? Well, if you still need convincing, how does £10 for referring a friend sound? Not bad at all is it?

See, over at Betfred Bingo, they really want you gamers to bring all your associates to the party and are willing to offer real money rewards to those gamers who do indeed spread the good word. Add to this £10 a whole heap of good luck and karma which you will no doubt receive for spreading the word and Betfred Bingo could well be your ticket to a big win or two this month, or next month seeing as it is just around the corner.

For more details on this refer a friend scheme, visit the Betfred Bingo website where terms and conditions can be found as well as great games and prizes!

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