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Here is something of a reminder for you folks. See, I don't think it's unfair to say that if you are on a diet, food can seem strangely less appealing than it once did. Although they are light for a reason, diet foods are often, well, what's the word I think we can all agree that seeing the word 'light' on a wrapping doesn't precisely make your taste buds start to shiver with anticipation now does it?

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Well, Tombola Bingo has just launched a 'lite' product which is by no means any less impressive than the full fat version. Yes, if you fancy playing bingo for even longer periods of time, and for less cash then Tombola Bingo's all new Bingo Lite product might well be for you!

Essentially, this is value bingo, but done in some serious style. Yes, Tombola Bingo know their stuff when it comes to online entertainment and this new product is in no way inferior to any other value bingo games you might find on the web, in fact, it's pretty darn impressive. Games can now be played at Tombola Bingo for as little as two measly pennies thanks to this new Bingo Lite product and the feedback is already rather impressive.

There are also specially-linked games taking place in this new version of the online bingo experience, meaning that just because it's 'lite', there is no need to worry about missing out on the big money action.

For further details on this new game, place the low fat yoghurts down and pop on over to Tombola today and take advantage this August. It tastes just like the real thing folks!

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