Mania Encouraged at Paddy Power Bingo.

Paddy Power Bingo

Sometimes its best to just let go of those inhibitions. Take primal screaming therapy for example; where people are openly encouraged to go absolutely blinking gaga in order to cure what ails them. See, going off on one can indeed be beneficial. In fact, life in general just wouldn't be overly interesting without a healthy dose of crazy every once in a while now would it? Well, at Paddy Power Bingo, Wednesdays are certainly suitably bonkers, as are their fine range of midweek promotions.

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Yes, Wednesdays at Paddy Power see £3,000 given away in guaranteed prizes; not bad for an otherwise fairly plain day right? In the gold room starting at 7pm weekly, these bingo games come with assured jackpots which come to £3,000 in total and simply must be won and as they play up to eleven o'clock every Wednesday, there are plenty of chances to get your hands on a slice of this very respectable slice of crazy bingo pie.

Now of course Wednesdays are already a fairly hectic day and as these quality games fall midweek, there is a chance that real life might get in the way of all the prize-winning madness. Do not fret, should you be unlucky enough to miss these crazy Wednesday games, then Thursdays are also pretty nutty at Paddy Power Bingo. Though the guaranteed jackpots on a Thursday are not quite as impressive as those that fall on a Wednesday they still add up to a very generous £2,500 which is not to be sniffed at.

So, if your lives are seeming a little overly sane at the minute, then Paddy Power Bingo is the place for you!

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