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Here at we pride ourselves on our ability to keep you folks abreast of any movements which might well be on the coming up on the bingo skyline. Still, it can also be of use to remind you of special deals which are continually on offer.

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Take for example the Paddy Power Bingo site. Here you have not only a super popular bingo website, but one which seems to be constantly adding new aspects to what is already a very well visited place indeed.

This is why we have decided to give you a couple of days notice at least (though I suppose this will depend on when you are finally checking these articles) on what is a fine promo indeed which plays this coming Friday, and indeed every single Friday this month. Yes, if you happen to be on the lookout for bargains, there is some very good value to be claimed over at this site on a Friday night, so you'll want to make sure you pay this site a visit, particularly if you're after a bit of a free bingo deal.

Every time you spend ten pounds over at the Paddy Power Bingo site, on a Friday that is, you will be paid off with a free bingo pound to spend on any game you like. Now, this might not initially seem like much, but believe me, you can get a lot of value for a single quid at the Paddy Power Bingo site, so it's very much worth your while taking part.

There have of course been plenty of new aspects to the Paddy Power Bingo site this August already, but this is one which should certainly not be overlooked. We will of course keep you up to speed on any other developments at the site for September.

In the mean time, why not pop on over to Paddy Power Bingo and check the terms and conditions?

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