Tons of Good Reasons to Play at Mirror Bingo this August.

Mirror Bingo

Anything Sun Bingo can do, Mirror Bingo can at least match. Whether or not they can do it better is up to you gamers to find out but if you consider that this month sees the introduction of some fine promotions over at Mirror Bingo, well, safe to say that in testing the goods, you'll have a blast.

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Register at Mirror Bingo today and you gamers will receive £20 free when you make your first £20 deposit. Bingo tickets start at the low price of 5p each, so with your £20 and the £20 they give you, that is enough money to buy you 800 bingo tickets! Now that should certainly see you merrily playing away until September at least!

Once you have spent all of the bonus cash you have been politely given by the folks at Mirror Bingo, if you choose to make another deposit and continue playing, you will also receive 50% on the re-deposits you make. On a Saturday at 9pm a guaranteed game plays and the prize is £500, not an amount to be sniffed at. It is important to check out the pre-buy games at this site because they are offering some great guaranteed games throughout the week.

Also, if you become a VIP at Mirror Bingo which is easy to do as the more you play, the more they give you back, you will be entitled to a whole bunch of extras that regular gamers cannot access. Like all good bingo sites, they also run a points system so that you are not always adding more of your own hard earned funds to your account.

So, fancy something new and welcoming but also a little familiar feeling? Then give Mirror Bingo a try this August.

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