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It's always going to be a pleasant sensation, being made to feel wanted that is and this is something which bingo sites tend to go right out of their way in order to do, as much as is possible anyway.

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Bingo sites are often met with a great deal of rivalry, especially when it comes to attracting new gamers to their site. I mean you gamers must be aware of this fact by now because I mention it every few articles! I honestly need to think of a better introduction.

Well, one site which not only welcomes you to their bingo product with free cash but even a special game is the very well respected Costa Bingo and I have to say, they have done themselves proud with their current welcome scheme!

 See, offering something different is key at the moment, especially if you're hoping to get new gamers over to your personal bingo website. Well, how does the idea of not only being treated to a very generous deposit bonus and the like sound, but also being granted a further entry into a free £20 game, which is exclusive to new gamers? Not bad eh?

These games are only available to gamers who sign up at the Costa Bingo site and cannot be accessed by anyone else and, thought there is only £20 up for grabs, it's still a very warm welcome from one of the nets bets loved sites.

To find out more about not only these promotions but also the kind of offers which can be found elsewhere at the Costa Bingo site, why not give them a visit this week?

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