Triple Smile Splash Promo at Betfred Bingo.

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Sometimes, though we might not be happy to admit it, like any walk of life in essence, the online bingo world can seem a little short of ideas on occasion. Sure, this is a rare issue, but the naming department is probably the biggest problem area when it comes to mental block, after all, when you've got sites out there with name like, there will always be scope for improvement.

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The same can be said for the kind of names many promos seem to suffer from. Still, as long as you can look past these names and see the promotion beneath it, then all should work out fine.

Betfred Bingo is a site which are normally pretty on the ball when it comes to naming their promotions, but there is something slightly uninspiring and a little bit standard about their Triple Splash Promotion. I cannot put my finger on why the name is so unimpressive, but it doesn't really ring any bells does it? Striking isn't really the word. Still, luckily the promo itself is truly awesome, so you can relax folks. Essentially, this promo is designed to offer you gamers a bonus on your stakes, up to three times the usual amount in fact.

To find out more about this promotion, all the terms and conditions can be found at their page. So what are you waiting for?

If you're looking to bulk up your stakes this August and reap the rewards, then Betfred Bingo is surely the place for you at the moment!

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