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I often refer to the saying, 'the average bingo site' but what does this little phrase even mean? How does one go about defining the 'average' bingo site? There are simply so many of these wonderful things in operation these days that it can be hard to define any of them in truth but I think what I am hinting at are those sites which offer you gamers the bare minimum and leave it at that.

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You know, those sites which are littered with spelling mistakes and the like and those who do not update their promotions lists anymore; those sites that have no desire to grow in stature nor keep you gamers particularly entertained either it seems. In fact, when I talk of 'average' bingo sites, I essentially mean poor ones pretty much.

Well, there are some sites out there you'll be pleased to hear that go that extra mile and then some and it is these sites which make it onto these here pages at Honestly folks, there is a heck of a lot of rubbish out there which we do not report on, so you're best off sticking to the sites that we do feature!

One such site, and a site which is certainly doing its best to appeal to all you gamers and build a community vibe is the relatively young Bingo Café. Now, this is a site which is looking like becoming a real face on the bingo scene and it is in no small part due to little extras such as their forthcoming gallery of bingo lovers!

Yes, at the moment, you bingo lovers can send in pictures of yourselves enjoying your favourite games and they'll hopefully make it into the gallery which is undergoing some finishing touches at the minute. Now, this is that extra mile type effort which I mentioned earlier!

More details can be found over at the Bingo Café site, a place which is sure to bring a smile to your face!

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