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These days, there are so many sites out there, all offering what is essentially the same thing that you might well be forgiven for forgetting which one is which. It's sadly true, the whole online gaming experience can be, to someone who is unfamiliar with the whole thing, a very lonely experience at first as many of the sites out there have a kind of faceless quality about them.

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Now, this isn't to say that many of the sites on the world wide web haven't done all they can to remedy this fact, it’s just that some of these sites have been more successful than others. See, in order to make it seem less like a website and more like a community, the folks behind the scenes at the Bingo on the Box site are, well, not really behind the scenes. You gamers can now get to know your moderators rather well at this site, which is very pleasing touch to what is, on the whole, a very pleasing site indeed.

Yes, if you were to pop along to the Bingo on the Box site today, you'd be given the opportunity to make new friends thanks to the very intimate 'Get to know your moderators' page of the site where each of these marvellous folks is listed, as are facts and little nuggets of information on these characters, which means that the whole bingo experience at this site is far from faceless!

You can click on the icon of every single moderator on this page and when you do that, a selection of information pops up on the right hand side of the page, giving you intimate details on the folks whose company you are likely to keep if you visit this site.

So, if you are looking for a bingo experience, but one with a little more personality, check out Bingo on the Box today!

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