Totesport Bingo Offer you Gamers a Real Gem of a Prize.

Totesport Bingo

Now, you gamers might well have noticed that the Totesport Bingo site is not often featured on these here pages at too often and there are very good reasons for this. Well, in truth, there is simply one very good reason for this.

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You see, this is one online bingo website which seems to think that in order to sample the goods, you gamers need to sign up straight away. Now, though I can see where they are coming from, it is a very poor move on someone's behalf. See,if you visited the Totesport Bingo site today, you would be unable to take a peek at some of the more interesting aspects of this site, simply because the folks behind the scenes at this site don't want to give anything away too easily, in terms of information that is.

I can see the pro's behind such a move, as it stops too many competitors from stealing their ideas and the like, but it also means that potential gamers are turned off before they've even seen what's on offer, which is a crying shame because there is a lot on offer at this site! For starters, you gamers can now play for a fantastic iPhone 4, the most sought after phone on the market these days, and with good reason (I've had the pleasure and they are awesome little gadgets).

This promotion runs all month long over at Totesport Bingo, so should you be tempted to play for a piece of technological wonder which is worth a whopping £600 on the market right now, you really wont regret becoming a member over at this particular bingo site. Shame that you couldn't discover that fact for yourselves, but never mind eh? Wining an iPhone would surely make up for their odd site policy right?

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