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Now, repeating ourselves is not what we are about here at gamingsupermarket.com. After all, we don't want to bore you gamers with the same old tired stories over and over again which is why we only report on the very best and biggest news stories to come out of the online bingo universe.

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See, sometimes however, it very important that we drill home a reminder of sorts so that you don't miss out on something which is, for lack of a better adjective, truly awesome and might make you very very rich indeed. I mean what is worse, re reading an article or missing out on thousands of pounds? Clearly, re-reading some similar phrases is a price worth paying right?
With this in mind (with my excuses out of the way), there is a game taking place over at Jackpot Joy Bingo towards the end of the month which you will very much want to be part of. Big Money Fridays are quite the hit over at the Jackpot Joy Bingo website and with money in the region of £13,000 up for grabs on the last Friday of the month alone, you gamers will not want to miss out on the action so get it marked down in those diaries!
This promotion was such a success last month that they have become a permanent feature over at the Jackpot Joy Bingo site. See, every last Friday of the month, you gamers get the chance to claim huge huge slices of money pie in a range of different games which all play across the Jackpot Joy Bingo website. To get involved in the action however, make sure that you are already a signed up member over at Jackpot Joy Bingo, and that you have a whole evening free because it promises to be some party! Sure, there is a long wait yet to endure, but now you cannot say that we've told you can you folk?

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