Jackpot Joy Bingo Pays Out Again.

Jackpot Joy Bingo

It's always a pleasure for me as a bingo reporter to able to write about big wins. After all, we as bingo lovers are in general a very happy go lucky bunch who will no doubt be thrilled to hear about other gamers getting lucky. Right?

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Still, even if reading these articles do make it feel like we're sticking the knife in a bit every once in a a while, believe me folks, you need to be taking hope from the news of big wins because, at risk of sounding rather cheesy, it might well be you next time!
Now, with this positive outlook in mind, it seems that Jackpot Joy Bingo are the latest site to be paying out huge tons of money to gamers. Lukasz had been a fan of the online version of the game, like ourselves, for a good long while and as he said, “just wanted a a little game to unwind after a night shift”. Little did he know that this little game would end up making him £9,000 better off! This wonderful win took place last month over at the Jackpot Joy Bingo website and it was all thanks to the new game on which Lukasz was playing, the Monopoly Snap game.
As you would expect, Lukasz is completely overjoyed by his big money win though he concedes that right now he has no idea of what to do with the money. I'm sure this problem will become much less of an issue once the shock of winning has subsided of course, but until then, all we do is congratulate Lukasz for his fantastic victory and say to you readers that this just goes to show, you really could win at any time folks and it might as well be this August no?

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