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We have mentioned the current obsession from which many gamers currently suffer quite a lot of late. Yes, side games are a really big deal it would seem these days.

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Still, whatever you want to call them, mini games, side games or even instants (it tends to change from site to site), there is no doubting that these games are becoming the major draw to many a bingo site and, though it's a bit of a shame, the old beloved game of bingo is beginning to take a back seat such is the popularity of many side games but then again, we are a pretty impatient bunch now aren't we? It seems that the promise of money for practically nothing is just too good a prospect to turn down so there is certainly no judgement on my behalf. After all, if you want a big win, side games or mini games or whatever you call these fine events are perhaps your best shot at winning big in a small space of time and Costa Bingo seem to be very aware of this fact.

Yes, at the minute, you gamers who wager the most on these side games will have this devotion rewarded by the folks who work behind the scenes at Costa Bingo; folks who are clearly trying to push their side games as the real pulling power at Costa at the moment, understandably too. So, even if you do not win a large amount on these games, if you wager enough you will still win something! Not a bad promotion by any means.

So, if you are something of a mini game enthusiast, it looks like the Costa Bingo site will need to be on your list of sites to visit in the next few days because this promotion runs on a weekly basis, giving you plenty of chances to claim that big win, or at least a fine consolation prize. Yes, August is already looking pretty good at Costa!

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