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Some promotions are almost so very standard that they are often to be found at near enough every site on the net. After all, when a site has success with one offer, other sites usually take note and, more often than not, rip said promotion off a tiny bit.

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Take for example the whole free bingo concept. I mean, in this day and age, if you are playing at a site which does not offer it's gamers free bingo then you are probably not at a bingo site at all! Well, one site which of course offers this free bingo concept as well as near enough every other top deal under the sun is Jackpot Joy Bingo, a site which has featured heavily on these pages at gamingsupermarket.com of late. If you happen to be a regular at this particular online bingo zone, you'll notice that certain offers are bigger hits than others no doubt. Yes, I'm talking about happy hours again people! They are still, very popular indeed and there are many reasons for this ongoing level of popularity too.

Yes, happy hours were,up until recently not actually on offer over at Jackpot Joy Bingo, but thanks to some very decisive market research, this fact was rectified last month and nobody appears to have looked back once! After all, if a concept is working well at one site, it is clearly only a matter of time before a similar one, or in the case of happy hours, the same one, pops up at multiple other sites. Thankfully, Jackpot Joy Bingo are now clued up on happy hours, and they were worth the wait!

So, if you were beginning to wonder whether you'd just over-looked these promos only to find that you hadn't at all, relax, they are on the table at last folks and, as its Jackpot Joy Bingo we are talking about, you are going to enjoy these offers a great deal! Believe me!

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