Gala Bingo in New Charity Drive.

Gala Bingo

Though we all know that the world of online bingo sees a lot of money passing about from one place to another on a daily basis, we might not be aware that the majority of websites out there give a large amount of cash to charity.

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After all, if you were raking in thousands of pounds every hour, as well as handing a good chunk back out to gamers (best not forget that bit, else people will worry), you too would no doubt feel inclined to give a hefty amount to a charity!

After all, these sites are often built upon a notion of conscience. If they were just faceless corporations, we might not feel so inclined to play at them in all honesty. Well, thankfully, all the best sites on the web offer up a decent amount of cash to worthy causes and Gala Bingo are no different, though this month they are also involved in a bit of a charity drive with a difference.

Now, as it happens, this particular writer lives not far from Headingley Stadium in Leeds and always gets excited when there is a big cricket game on, just because it means that his house is nearly on TV! Still, in all honesty, the game itself means little to me, though Gala Bingo might just change all that. Yes, the folks behind the scenes at Gala are offering up a charity Cricket match and the proceeds are going to Sue Ryder Care; a very worthy charity indeed!

To find out more about this fine event, including how you too can get involved should you wish to do so, visit the Gala Bingo site today. After all, with the sheer amount of cash involved in online gaming, it would be a disgrace not to give something back to the community now wouldn't it?

Head over to the super charitable Gala Bingo site today and benefit from their generosity!

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