Giggle Bingo Gets Strange.

Giggle Bingo

Now, as we are in a brand new month, there will no doubt be many brand new aspects to all the online bingo sites which we have come to love in recent times.

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Sure, there will be many brand new promotions knocking about the online bingo world, many brand new games and events for the average bingo lover to get their teeth stuck into and as such, I will no doubt be a very busy chap where reporting is concerned over the next few days.

Well, whereas every brand new promotion will bring a smile to your bingo loving faces, there are some sites out there who think that as long as something is new, it must be good. Well, we're not quite sure in all honesty. If you needed proof, well, here is an odd new addition from the folks over at Giggle Bingo.

Yes, Giggle Bingo is a fine online gaming site and boasts not only some

of the best games on the web, they have also been very busy updating

their old promotions page, which is a very pleasing move as many sites have an awkward tendency to not put in the effort in this department! Well, the folks over at Giggle Bingo have also, rather strangely added a vote to their page and you can get involved today.

Still, some of you will no doubt love this strange new addition to this great little bingo site. If you like your bingo sites with plenty of community interaction head over to Giggle Bingo today!

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